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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

On older men spanking

Older men are more than capable of 
disciplining a naughty young woman


  1. As it should be: "how dare you young lady you will feel my hard hand across your bare backside. Is that clear !?" GULP. Timeless ! ...Hiya Dave, are you there ? :) and Mutti too ? And where's Janice ? So keep up the good comments "six of the best" - we naughty little madams deserve good, old-fashioned bare bottom spankings, just like we got when growing, just like I got yesterday in fact ! Education is eternal :) Louise

  2. Louise, there is nothing better for a naughty Lady, young or old, because you are never too old for a good sound bare bottom spanking. It is good for you, I am so glad you had that memory reinforced on your bare bottom yesterday. Us older men know exactly how to handle naughty Ladies no matter the age, it will be the strap on your naughty white quivering tender chubby bare botty cheeks that will keep you on the straight and narrow!